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First- aid Equipments

  • Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

    Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

  • Automated external defibrillator  (AED)Updated Version

    Automated external defibrillator (AED)Updated Version

  • AED Wall-mounted carton box

    AED Wall-mounted carton box

  • AED Cabinet Type Carton

    AED Cabinet Type Carton

  • Defibrillation/ pace-making/ patient monitor

    Defibrillation/ pace-making/ patient monitor

  • Defibrillation/ pace-making/ patient monitor

    Defibrillation/ pace-making/ patient monitor

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  • Integrated First-aid Kit

    Integrated First-aid Kit

  • 120 First-aid Bag

    120 First-aid Bag

  • Community Out-call Bag

    Community Out-call Bag

  • Advanced First-aid Kit

    Advanced First-aid Kit

  • First-aid kit at homes and in cars

    First-aid kit at homes and in cars

  • Wound First-aid Bag

    Wound First-aid Bag

  • Police First-aid Bag Emergency Egress Package

    Police First-aid Bag Emergency Egress Package

  • First-aid gift bag

    First-aid gift bag

  • AED Training Machine

    AED Training Machine

    Provide necessary interface used for practical skills demonstration in the process of simulation of cardiac arrest, under the condition with no need of actually charging and discharging, assist tutor to teach students of how to use the defibrillator relat

  • Adult/child/baby simulator

    Adult/child/baby simulator

    To meet the needs of clinical training , medical teaching etc, including: first aid simulators (CPR advanced life support ,full function, etc.) ,trauma nursing simulators, various specialist skills training models, etc.

  • CPR Face Mask

    CPR Face Mask

    Cardiopulmonary resuscitation skill training and using at on-site first aid, for saliva isolation at mouth to mouth artificial respiration , to prevent cross infection.

  • Silicone emergency breathing balloon

    Silicone emergency breathing balloon

    For CPR and artificial respiration, including mask and oropharyngeal tube, volume: 1650ml.

  • Portable ECG machine

    Portable ECG machine

    ECG machine with six-channel digital automatic analysis, 12 lead synchronously display ECG wave type, which is suitable for outpatient, emergency, ward, physical examination and easy to carry.

  • Infrared ear thermometer

    Infrared ear thermometer

    The temperature can be measured within a second, including forehead temperature and ear temperature, without the use of earmuff.

  • Wrist blood pressure monitor

    Wrist blood pressure monitor

    It is used to monitor blood pressure, know blood pressure changes so as to assist doctors to adjust medication in a timely manner.

  • Blood glucose meter

    Blood glucose meter

    recording and tracking the results of blood glucose testing, which makes self blood glucose management easier.

Oral implant

Medical equipment

  1. MAGNETOM Aera


  2. MAGNETOM Amira

    MAGNETOM Amira

  3. MAGNETOM Skyra

    MAGNETOM Skyra

  4. MAGNETOM Spectra

    MAGNETOM Spectra