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Integrate Supply Chain

Optimize supply chain pattern, Lower down hospital costs , and optimize logistics distribution service with centering on SPD Integrated distribution plan.

  1. Supplier
  2. Central Warehouse
    Central Warehouse
  3. SPD  Central Storage Base
    SPD Central Storage Base
  4. Department  Storehouse
    Department Storehouse
  5. Department Consumption
    Department Consumption

Laboratory Planning and Optimization

Optimize hospital overall project from whole perspective to improve hospital overall service level

Service Principle

  1. Supplier  System


    Supplier System

    Combing hospital suppliers system, select quality cooperation supplier, weed out supplier with poor service, choose top-level supplier.

  2. Instrument System


    Instrument System

    Entirely turn to automatic instrument, reduce instrument brand of same project, increase proportion of high-end instrument, timely coordinate and replace old instrument.

  3. Reagent system


    Reagent system

    Entirely turn to advantage methodology, choose project of strong brand, reduce different brand of same project, comprehensive consideration to optimize project cost.

Laboratory Standardization

Laboratory Standardization

  1. ISO15189

    Training before organization system implementation , Internal Auditor Training (annually), Organize internal quality system audit, review previous department, pre-assessment

  2. Laboratory Management

    The laboratory process management training ,department management personnel management training, department management staff benchmarking hospital and company visit and study.

  3. Academic Platform

    Clinical and testing high-end forum, play the academic influence of the company.

  4. Professional Skills

    New technology and new instrument introducing , performance verification experiment ,traceability training ,hospital technical Seminar

  5. 5S、CAP

    Various standardization programs introduce training and help the various departments to understand the latest system change and development at home and abroad.

Departments guarantee service

Maintenance system framework:

  1. Equipment is broken, repair after failure

    Equipment is broken, repair after failure

    Cost for repair and maintenance + Replacement parts cost, equipment shut down, only able to start work after repair and maintenance

  2. B periodic maintenance  +A

    B periodic maintenance +A

    Cost for maintenance+ Cost for repair + Replacement parts cost, Maintenance can reduce the equipment failure rate.

  3. Preventive Management +B

    Preventive Management +B

    Equipment Status + Analysis prevention report of other equipment, environment +Maintenance cost + Repair Cost + Replacement parts cost, Increase the normal operating probability of equipment. Remarkably reduce equipments failure and downtime ratio.

  4. Reliability Analysis +C

    Reliability Analysis +C

    Various kinds of equipments data + Production environment analysis, Provide analytical reports and solutions, put an end of equipment failure and breakdown rate

AIMSN can do “A+B+C+D” all for you, to ensure effectiveness and timeliness of departments operation

Cases Display

  1. SPD Warehouse receiving goods

    SPD Warehouse receiving goods

  2. Department Goods Receiving

    Department Goods Receiving

  3. Department  Management

    Department Management