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Life Saver APP Developed and Maintained by AIMSN Officially Published


Pudong Red Cross Life Saver —— AED Manager officially published on May,9,2017, the seventieth World Red Cross Day.



AED Manager is a mobile software designed to meet the needs of the public and professional users for AED (automatic external defibrillator positioning, GPS and management . AED Chinese name is automatic external defibrillator, is a Life Saver that can be used by non-professionals to save patients with sudden cardiac death.


Three Major Modules   Twelve Major Functions

Module One : AEDKnowledge

Function 1: What is AED
Function 2: Who needs AED
Function 3  How to use AED
Function 4  Daily Maintenanceto AED



Module Two : AEDInquiry

Function 5: AED Inquiry
Function 6: AED Positioning
Function 7 : AED Real-timeLocation



Module Three : My AED (For Specialized Users )

Function 8 : AED Information



Function 9 :  AED Maintenance



Function 10 :  AED Monitoring



Function 11 :  Consumable Items Replacement



Function 12 :  Usgae Record



To save sudden death, let's see the help of AED and AED.