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Italy Football Field Enforce to Equip Cardiac Defibrillator



The tragic death of Serie B football team player Piermario Morosini on the field has raised consideration about first-aid measures on football field .After Piermario Morosini passed out on the pitch,  medical personnel on the scene gave him a simple heart massage, but did not use an electric defibrillator or other tools for effective treatment.

And there are hard-and-fast rules in the Premier League, a game must have an ambulance and a major and two vice medical staff stand by at any time, but also equipped with electric shock defibrillator, and meanwhile keep emergency access unobstructed at any time. But for the Italian League, which has a Little World Cup Title, has been far more insufficient in first-aid at football field.

After the sudden death of Piermario Morosini, the Italian Football Association announced the cancellation of all weekend league matches, which has led to the authorities' thinking about the safety of the professional players. In a subsequent speech of President Abert, that electric defibrillator must be installed at football stadium of each Italian football leagues matches.

Leopoldo Girelli , who is in charge of Lega Pro (Italian football league) says Lega Pro Prima Divisione and Lega Pro Seconda Divisione in the next weekend also calls for electric defibrillator to be installed on each football field, otherwise the game will not be performed

"By Thursday, we want all the club chairmen to sign a written statement confirming that electric defibrillator will be equipped in the next match," Leopoldo Girelli told’ If not, our weekend game will be canceled. We need better organization, better health care in the football field. Tragedy should not happen again.