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Canada: Install Defibrillator for Heart Patients in Public Places


Xinhua News Vancouver Feb.,6 Special Telegram


Canada West British Columbia Ministry of Health announced on date six that will install four hundred and fifty Automated External Defibrillators(AED), which is praised as Fire Extinguisher of human body all over the cities within the next two years, to rescue more patients life from sudden cardiac arrest.

According to the provincial Ministry of Health, automated external defibrillator is a portable device that easy to use, restart the cardiac arrest patient's heart beat by means of electric shock. It can automatically detect patients heart rate, only conduct defibrillation shock when necessary for patients. Currently, the survival rate for cardiac arrest cases outside the hospital is only about 5 percentage, and the survival rate can be increased to 75 percentage if an automatic defibrillator can be used within 5 minutes of the onset of the disease.

British Columbia Ministry of Health Director Mikedyer Meader Margaret said, about two thousand people die each year from cardiac arrest in the province ,Ministry of Health hopes to save more lives by improving the overlay network of automated external defibrillator . The sites planned for installation include community centers, recreation centers, playgrounds and stadiums where people congregate and are prone to have sudden cardiac arrest.

The British Columbia Ambulance Service Center is also one of the partners in the project. The organization  will provide guidelines on how to use and maintain equipment for newly installed automated external defibrillators and incorporate them into their ambulances distribution information system. Once the people in these places call for an ambulance, the dispatcher will inform them the site of an automated external defibrillator and instruct the on-site personnel to use the device for first aid before the ambulance arrives.

In recent years, several western developed countries have been promoting public defibrillation programs, enforceto train the public to use automatic defibrillatorsthrough legislation , and to improve laws and regulations to protect the rescuers from liability.