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AIMSN helps Ningbo Red Cross Society conduct "Popularization program of AED"


In July 26 and 27, the first batch of 21 Medtronic Feikang automatic external defibrillators (AED), raised by Red Cross of Ningbo, donated by AIMSN Medical Development Co., Ltd., are installed in transportation hubs of Ningbo.6 of them were installed in Ningbo Railway Station, 6 in Gulou Station, 6 in Ningbo Lishe International Airport, and 3 in Ningbo Administrative Service Center.





AED installed in Ningbo Railway Station.





AED installed in Gulou Station.




AED installed in Ningbo Lishe International Airport.





AED installed in Administrative Service Center.





In July 21, 26 and 27, training instructors Tiangang Zhang and Fugang Ling of AIMSN pre-hospital emergency medical care instructed the personnel working in railway station, metro and airport about the use of AED respectively, in cooperation with Red Cross of Ningbo.Instructor Fugang Ling said:" AED is mainly for the patients who suddenly collapse without consciousness and breath.When meeting patients like that, we need to do artificial respiration and chest compression, as well as picking up the AED at the same time.After getting the AED to the patients, we are required to use AED first and then adopt other first-aid procedures."





Training instructor Tiangang Zhang of AIMSN pre-hospital emergency medical care is instructing the personnel of railway station about the use of AED.


Training instructor Fugang Lingof AIMSN pre-hospital emergency medical care is instructing the personnel of metro about the use of AED.





AEDs donated this time are different from the AEDS in hospitals, which are easy for new users. When personnel opens the AED, they can just follow the voice prompting to attach electrodes on the right subclavian and the left anterior axillary line according to the instruction on the machine.AED can automatically detect and identify the patients' physical condition. It can identify people who do not need defibrillation, or people who are not suitable for defibrillation.But for patients who need defibrillation, the machine will continue to monitor after the first defibrillation, and the second defibrillation will be automatically processed if the condition is appropriate.Therefore, people who are not health care personnel can also grasp the use of AED to save people at the crucial moment. 


The 21 AEDs installed in public areas of Ningbo were reported by media like Ningbo Daily, Ningbo Evening News, Qianjiang Evening News and Xian Dai Jin Bao. They introduced the importance and use of AED, and called for the public to concern about the pre-hospital first aid and AED in order to make more people know, learn and use AED.


Media in Ningbo report the 21 AEDs installed in public areas.AIMSN Medical Development Co., Ltd. devotes itself to the popularization of AED and public first-aid training. The "popularization item of AED rescue" of Red Cross of Ningbo, with the help of AIMSN takes the lead in public pre-hospital emergency medical care of Ningbo.