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AIMSN Helped the Popularization and Promotion of AED in the Public Places of Zhoushan City


On the morning of August 19, the opening ceremony of the installation of automated external defibrillator (AED) in public places of Zhoushan city was successfully held in the dock waiting hall of Zhujiajian Wugongzhi Dock.Yuesheng Ye, vice president of Zhoushan Red Cross,  Xuefen Xu, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Putuo Mountain and deputy general manager of AIMSN (Hong Kong) Medical Development co., Ltd and other cadre attended the ceremony.In order to support the development of public serve, AIMSN (Hong Kong) Medical Development co., Ltd donated AED products, which are equivalent to more than 120 thousand yuan, to Zhoushan Red Cross. Mr. Ye, president of Zhoushan Red Cross awarded donation medal and certificate to AIMSN at the ceremony.





Mr. Ye, president of Zhoushan Red Cross, awarded donation medal and certificate to AIMSN (Hong Kong) Medical Development co., LtdAfter the donation ceremony, the trainers from AIMSN made presentation of on-site first-aid rescue. The whole process was shot by many media. 





Zhang Tiangang, a trainer from AIMSN, was accepting the interview.





In order to make the relevant personnel familiar with the application method of AED, on August 18, Zhoushan Red Cross organized training on AED application in advance. Tiangang Zhang, a AIMSN AHA trainer, provided training courses about how to use AED together with CPR for staffs from 16 AED setting points and other more than 40 emergency trainers from Red Cross in different the districts and counties.





Tiangang Zhang, the trainer from AIMSN, was providing training courses about how to use AED together with CPR for staffs from setting points and emergency trainers from Red Cross.





The first batch of 16 [Medtronic Feikang] AEDs has been installed at the follwing places in Zhoushan City, including the waiting lobby of Wugongzhi dock, Passenger Center in Mount Putuo, Cableway Company in Mount Putuo, Scenic Spot Law Enforcement Bureau in Luojia Mountain, Zhujiajian Nansha Scenic Spot, Daqingshan National Park, Nandongyi Valley, Peach Blossom Island, Mountain Xiu and other famous tourist attractions, as well as administrative centers in Zhoushan City and other places with intensive people flow. It will further enhance the quality of Zhoushan tourism, providing security for people in Zhoushan New Area.





Installation place of the first batch of AED in Zhoushan City.





Waiting lobby of Wugongzhi dock in Zhujiajian block.





Nansha Scenic Spot in Zhujiajian block.





Daqingshan Scenic Spot in Zhujiajian block.





Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau of Mount Putuo.





Passenger Center of Mount Putuo.





Ferry Terminal of Luojia Mountain of Mount Putuo.





Cableway Ticket Office of Mount Putuo.





Foding Mountain Shopping Mall of Mount Putuo Cableway Company.Puji Buddhist Temple of Mount Putuo.Tawan Jinsha Scenic Spot of  Peach Blossom Island.Jiuzi Beach in Xiushan Island of Mount Dai.Nandongyi Valley.Administrative Center of Zhoushan City




AED, also known as automated external defibrillator, is the only easiest machine that can save lives in case of cardiac arrest.Without human diagnosis, you can implement defibrillation treatment on patients under the guidance of voice prompts. Ordinary people can use it after receiving first-aid training.AED has been widely applied and used at the public places in the USA, Japan and other developed countries, as well as in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo and other areas of China.AIMSNS will always support the development of public welfare undertakings, sparing no effort to promote the comprehensive ability of on-site first aid!